I was unable to get good quality reproductions of many of my earlier pieces. This was restored in Photoshop, and what the heck, I touched up the painting of the fire while I was at it. This was the cover of issue #17, as well as a trading card. Most of my early covers really weren’t good quality covers at all, but they look nice as pinups on the website.

I shipped out a number of packages to readers today, and had to drop a line to Image last week to send me another box of graphic novels. Thank you so much for ordering my books! And thanks to Image for coming through in my emergency. The books arrived super-fast from the Diamond warehouse, and I can meet all orders with no worries now.

Also, thanks to Jan Schroeder for her art purchase. She picked up a page from The Book of Lost Souls, another one of those projects that got away. I absolutely loved working on that book!

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