First, the LULZ. Cracked Magazine with a list of internet personality disorders. We have all seen these people online. Which is why I no longer go to message boards or read most comments threads.

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A scholar attempts to recreate Shakespeare’s works with original accents.
Words which do not rhyme with modern inflections now make music. I read this comments thread because I thought the debate might be more interesting and elevated than the usual commentary from cyberwanker2014.

One guy wrote, “What a load of old tosh.”


From last August (boy do I need to clean out my bookmarks,) a crook attempted to sell a stolen Shakespeare folio so he could impress his beautiful Cuban girlfriend with expensive gifts.

Critics are Jerks Department: a beautiful ballerina with a history of eating disorders gets slammed for “…looking as if she had eaten one sugar plum too many.”

A post mortem on the auction of the estate of Dominick Dunne. Snarking over the dead body.

The ex-wife of author Philip K. Dick has written a memoir.