I thought I’d be on the home stretch of my graphic novel with Barry Lyga, oh, sometime early November. My best laid plans were laid to rest. Good news, the Lyga GN cover has been approved. Very close to the end now, and am already putting in time on Gone to Amerikay again.

This week’s required reading is an insightful and important commentary by Barry on the Bookscan system and what Amazon.com’s new service means to authors. Bookscan is a sort of Nielson ratings system for books. The secret list with its mystical knowledge is now available to creators. Barry was among the authors consulted to beta test the scheme.

Many authors don’t understand these things and many don’t care to… But for those authors who do care about numbers (i.e., the ones checking their Bookscan numbers on Amazon), it behooves everyone involved to make sure they do understand numbers and business and publishing. Is it more work? Is it frustrating? I’m sure it is. But the author/agent/publisher relationship is a business relationship, and it’s the sort of relationship where the more everyone knows, the better off everyone is.

And not required reading but fun anyway, Barry reviews the new Spider-Man musical, and gets an option on his novel Boy Toy. Congratulations, Barry!