My medical costs have skyrocketed since I wrote this post a few years ago on health insurance for artists. Since then, some of the links have expired as well.

I’ve restored some data, but the most important link is the Artists Health Insurance Resource Network, which has been folded back into The Actors Fund website.

CLICK HERE to go to a map of the United States.
Then click your home state for an info-rich directory of resources.

This is the most comprehensive directory for creators of all kinds on the internet. You do not need to be an actor to avail yourself of The Actors Fund benefits. If you work in entertainment, you are eligible. New Yorkers who work in the entertainment industry have access to the Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic. This may include artists who have Warner or Marvel Entertainment on their resume. Check it out.

Studio insurance is something a lot of artists go without. I am both under insured, and unprepared for emergencies, so I’ve been online mucking about. Here’s what I found.

The Craft Emergency Relief Fund is a great resource for artists.
You hear about this or that creator losing everything in a flood or fire, but never hear of cartoonists availing themselves of public services like this. We all need to be more aware of our rights and resources.

The site is offering a free series of webinars for teaching artists, trainers, and other professionals. CLICK HERE.

The organization also offers a handy studio preparedness reference kit called The Studio Protector Guide for Emergencies. This wall guide holds all your important resources and contact information. Proceeds go to benefit The Craft Emergency Relief Fund.

Here’s a handy video:

I’m of the opinion that keeping this in your studio is not necessarily the best idea. Maybe you should get two: one for the studio, and another for a safe place. If the studio burns down, you’ve lost your resources guide.

Finally, here’s a great “pocket guides” online resources
for insurance targeted at a variety of artistic disciplines. Just click the prompts and the handy system will walk you through the steps to understanding what you need.

Good luck. I hope you never need your insurance.