After showing you my messy work room, I thought I would redeem myself by showing off my happy studio space, which is next door.

I absolutely love my studio! It is playful, comfortable, and contains everything I need.

I’m always writing about clutter reduction, but as you can see, I like a certain amount of companionable junk. My studio has its fair share of toys!

This set up allows me to do many types of work in one space, instead of having different task areas set up around the room. I swivel my chair to work on my desk or on my easel. Also, instead of printing out my scripts and reference from my main computer, I download them to the laptop next to the drawing board. When I worked on 24 page stories, it was easy to keep track of the papers. On 140 page graphic novels (3 or more at a time!) the paper is unmanageable. I try to print out as little as possible.

My computer work station has so many screens, I’m starting to look like Ozymandius. If I had my druthers, I would get rid of the television entirely, and since the screen is going home to Jesus, I probably will.

I often watch movies on my large screen Apple monitor, and the quality is terrific. On the right, a 21″ Cintiq. The computer set up is a gift from the very generous J Michael Straczynski! The scanner and printer are my own recent acquisitions. The Epson Workforce 1100 printer is not only very affordable (less than $200, including ink!) but ideal for comic artists because it can print up to 13″x19″.

Take your thumbnails, scan them, then blow them up on the computer. Print them out at original art size to transfer to final drawings. This saves the energy of the original sketch. I almost never have to go to a copy shop anymore, which is great since there aren’t any copy shops anywhere near this mountain!

These flat files are a terrific deal! Art supply catalogs charge a fortune, but this big beautiful “map chest” not only looks better, but comes at a fraction of the price. Use them as an extension of your desk. Assignments are in the drawers right next to my drawing board. Materials are organized in these drawers to easily switch from one job to another without having to pull stacks of papers out and shuffle through things.

This chest handles 16″x20″ pages. You can also lay 3 sets of 11″x14″ pages side by side in one drawer. This chest is very heavy. Once you decide where to put it, don’t move it. You can get it in a variety of colors and styles. It arrives fully assembled. The only reservation I have about it is that some of the drawers tend to stick. You may need to do some sanding to get them to roll smoothly.

A smaller chest to the left of my drawing board handles 11″x14″ pages perfectly. I also use it to store my tools, and my day planner rests on the top drawer where I can see it at all times.

For tools, this is a great wheelie cart. You can get this with as many as 14 drawers!

I’m partial to the non-wheelie for storing art, but that’s just me.

Martha Stewart has a new line of furniture that I absolutely love, and if I didn’t already have a nice set of goodies, I’d be buying this stuff. Great prices, and it looks beautiful. Sage green is my favorite color! Assembly required.

Makes me tingly.


Buy the pieces and mix and match. This “paper storage” hutch is perfect for graphic artists.

Nice flat files:

This craft space storage hutch is a wonderful solution for painters: units to hold bottles and tubes as well as space to slip canvases, brushes and other flat tools. Love this!

The Martha Stewart Collection is manufactured and sold by the same company which made my faboo map chests, and I am very happy with my purchases. Go to an art supply catalog, and pay through the nose for custom furniture. Buy “craft furniture” and “map chests” and save a bundle!