HOLD!!! No more commission orders for right now. Thank you!

Wow, after all these months, I have finally been able to get back to some commissions. I only have a couple left, and I will wrap those up this week. I am tingling with joy! This has been a long, long wait for my very patient patrons! My most sincere thanks to each one of you! I will post them as I scan and ship.

Here is an 11″x14″ portrait of Shade the Changing Man. I had a short lived run on that book back in the early 1990’s, but my job performance was lousy. I was sick as a dog all year, and was not candid with editor Karen Berger who wondered why I kept screwing the pooch on the deadlines. Oh well. Here I am back at Vertigo, so I guess I am forgiven!

I am now in a position to entertain future commissions. I will not accept payment until the week the art ships. Please contact me via the contact button for pricing and order info.

Commissions start at $150.

I HAVE RIGHT NOW an absolutely GORGEOUS full color Wonder Woman, which was started and stopped when I realized I had not followed client instructions properly. Oops. 11″x14″, 3/4 body with partial background. Normally I would charge $400, but first come first served to finish up for $250. I can complete this week. Order now!


Also, I can now take orders for limited edition remarqued A Distant Soil hardcovers. I have a VERY limited number of every volume for sale, but no more than about 5 of the early volumes.

For a look at the quality if the final work you will receive, please CLICK HERE. Each drawing takes hours, and is a very finished portrait.

You may reserve your book at 50% of the cover price. Delivery GUARANTEED within 30 days. 50% due on completion. PLEASE be sure to use the drop down menu to indicate WHICH volume you want to reserve. Each is $150. We have a few of all four available. As a special nod to our foreign readers, because the book weighs under 4 lbs, we ship ONE VOLUME for FREE. 2 or more $10 extra.


ADS hardcover with sketch

For our policy on fan art and commissions, click here.

Shade the Changing Man is © and ® DC Comics INC. The nice people at DC Comics let the freelancers draw this stuff. Sweet!