She was way more attractive as a redhead. No, really that great do she had about ten years ago. Totally loved it. I almost did my hair just like that. I admired her. But now she has broken my heart.

Arianna Huffington, the rich lady who created the blog The Huffington Post with a team of investors and $1 million in seed money, said website content provided by a bunch of unpaid volunteer bloggers, has just sold the whole enchilada to AOL for a whopping $315 million.

Say, how’s that “Information Wants to be Free” thing working out for ya?

This is how it works, folks. Tech and freeloader gurus wind you up with pep talks about how they’re going to make you faaaaaaamous, while they get you to do all the labor. Then they make the bucks. And then they laugh at you. Ha ha.

Andrew Sullivan comments:

Ka-ching! For me, the most telling part is that of the $315 million, Arianna and her investors only took $15 million in AOL stock. More an act of cashing out than digging in. But, hey, it’s a model and it’s working. And no-one is forced to write for free. If you can make a fortune off people’s vanity and desire to express themselves, why not?


Debra Saunders at SF Gate:

Huffington is an entrepreneurial genius at self-promotion. She fiercely surfed the left’s discontent with mainstream – read: corporate – journalism by promising to keep mainstream – read: paid – news media “honest.”

Then she rode that left-wing discontent all the way to the bank. Now she writes like a corporate flack, lauding the “merger of visions” made possible after business-savvy CEO Eric Hippeau “monetized” the Huffington Post.

I’d write more, but I can’t afford to work for free for Ms Huffington, or even for me.

So, enjoy some LULZ.

Cartoonist Jen Sorensen.

And a little pep talk from Arianna Huffington herself!