I’ve always loved vintage clothes, and for years have scoured the racks of Goodwill for designer goodies. A few cash fat acquaintances used to sneer at me for this. One kindly informed me she would never wear something someone else had worn before, because that was just nasty. Her super power was Teh Privilege. And bad manners.

In this economy, former millionaires, including Teh Privilege, are now shopping at Teh Goodwill.

I scoff right back, because I’ve found some real bargains in the used clothing department, including a genuine Chanel suit and handbag, two Escada suits, a Dior jacket, and this nifty item which delighted me as the sort of thing to take to the studio and mess around a bit.

I spend most of my life in oversized men’s shirts and grubby jeans since there is no reason to mess up nice clothes with inks and paints. And when I found this comfy denim shirt with an embroidered bottle of white out on it, I thought “Oh, how cute! I’ve never heard of this brand of white out! I shall take this shirt home and wear it while I draw! Adorable!”

After a quick web search, I learned this charming mascot was not a bottle of white-out…but an enema.

Fleet Enema needed a superhero, and some ad agency got paid to come up with this thing. And now I wear it, because what was cute as a bottle of white out is hilarious as an heroic irrigation tool.

Now that Fleet Enema has put a cheery face on the need to flush, several blogs and websites, have spent an inordinate amount of time devoting LUL effort to promoting Eneman – which is exactly what I am doing here, for even while on deadline, I can’t resist the juvenalia. Eneman even has his own FB page.

So, perhaps Fleet’s advertising budget was well spent after all.

You can see Eneman going around the world, and at the official Fleet website, you can even send loved ones Eneman cards.

One assumes that Eneman is © and ® Fleet