FINAL WEEK! Last chance to order these terrific A Distant Soil Samplers! LAST DAY, FEBRUARY 25!!!


Get this great, handy introductory pack with a variety of my books and a terrific documentary DVD of my work by filmmaker and cartoonist Rich Henn! Original retail prices were over $40 for the lot, but you’ll spend more than that on these long out of print items, and you’ll pay even more in shipping.

A Distant Soil Sampler Pack can be had direct from me for only $27.95 US SHIPPING INCLUDED, and I can sign and personalize any or all items at your request.

You get:

Scenes from the Small Press: Colleen Doran, DVD by Rich Henn, edited by Mike Williams, post-production editor on American Splendor. “Henn is well on his way to providing an essential and eye-opening chronicle of the living history of comics through the minds and mouths of the people who have shaped the medium. “-– Arnold T. Blumberg, Senior Editor, CINESCAPE Retailed at $24.95!

Reign of the Zodiac, by Keith Giffen and Colleen Doran, the fantasy series from DC Comics! ONE sample copy, out of print, retail $2.75. Individual issues may vary.

Gimli’s Gift
, a limited print of Legolas from Lord of the Rings, available only at Ringcon, an officially licensed LOTR convention in Germany in 2004, $4 retail.

ONE sample copy of a back issue of the Image Comics edition of A Distant Soil, retail about $3. Individual issues may vary.

ONE sample copy of a back issue of Version Zero of A Distant Soil, featuring the long out of print and never-to-be-seen-again version of the series, originally printed from Colleen’s pencil art. Circa 1983-1985. Individual issues may vary.

ONE sample copy of The Book of Lost Souls, by J Michael Straczynski and Colleen Doran from Marvel Comics, Icon Line. 8 issue miniseries, out of print. Individual issues may vary.

This great value gives you a glimpse of a wide variety of my works for only $27.95 US w/shipping! Proceeds from the past finance my future work! Thank you so much!

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A Distant Soil Sampler Pack

But wait! There’s more!


Take the plunge, treat yourself! Don’t just sample my books, sample the art as well! The deluxe version of the A Distant Soil Sampler Pack includes a page of original art from one of the sampled projects! One gorgeous original page from The Book of Lost Souls, Reign of the Zodiac, or A Distant Soil! Every page in excellent condition and top quality original art! Get ALL of the above books AND a page of original art for $97.95 US SHIPPING INCLUDED!

Here is a look at the art from Reign of the Zodiac:

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A Distant Soil Sampler Pack DLX