News just coming in that Dwayne McDuffie, who was my boss on the Technique miniseries at Milestone, has passed away due to complications from surgery.


Denys Cowan, me, Dwayne. About 1994.

Dwayne was incredibly cool to me at Milestone. Nothing about the demise of the series was Milestone’s fault in any way. I was not only treated with respect and kindness at every turn, but the publisher paid me a very fair kill fee. I really liked the people at Milestone, and Dwayne sent me a wonderful letter about my work on the project, which I treasure.

I scanned and sold the remainder of the unpublished art recently, and had meant to post an article about it. I think I will put that off for now.

Dwayne had the respect and admiration of everyone who knew him. Shocking and terrible news. A loss for everyone in comics.

We will miss you, Dwayne.