The original underdrawing for this digital painting of Bast was for a remarqued copy of one of my limited edition graphic novels. This portrait was drawn for Jeremy Avery. Of course, the picture in the book is not in color. The remarque drawings look like this.

I still have copies available of each edition, so reserve yours by dropping in to our bookshop. Delivery of the custom piece within 60-90 days. Naturally, volume I and II quantities are very low. I have finished off a number of these that I have to ship, and thought it would be cool to make a color portrait of each and post it here. So, when you order the limited, you not only get a hardcover book with an original character portrait by me, but each one of those portraits is a preliminary piece for one of my final works!

I’ll be posting more character portraits this week, and next week, it’s back to our story.

FYI: Three copies of Volume I hardcover limited remarqued edition left.