My desk is full of flowers, not files.

A few years ago, I had the great privilege to work with J Michael Straczynski on a series called The Book of Lost Souls. Issue 3 was a particularly compelling installment.

A young girl, haunted by her dead lover, lives on the street and dreams of a life as an artist. She’s haunted by a voice: a voice Jonathan describes as “The Voice of Reason and Resentment.”

The voice of madness is the voice that says, “Someday people will listen to me.”

It is the voice of madness that says, “I will make little black marks on pieces of paper, and those marks may one day change the world.”

It is the voice of madness that whispers to us in the midnight silence. “I am not what you see. I have dreams, and though I have nothing tonight, tomorrow I will escape this place.”

The voice of madness is the voice that believes, despite all evidence to the contrary, that sustains us when logic demands we surrender to the louder voice – the Voice of Reason and Resentment. And it always comes in the guise of those who love us most, who only want the best for us. And the knives come softly, oh, so softly…”I’m just trying to protect you…”

Listen to your voice of truth. It only sounds mad to people who can’t hear their voice.

Have some more flowers.

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