I’m sorry for the lack of communication, but my satellite service had a complete meltdown. Gradually deteriorating quality culminated in a 14 hour long series of service calls. I was up until 2 AM with tech support, back first thing in the morning, and at it again at 5 PM. They tried to fix the problem, but pointed my dish to the wrong satellite, decommissioned my uplink, demanded $120 to get a tech out (who couldn’t get here for five days,) and other antics.

Now that my service is restored, and my modem jacked in to a new transponder, the speed is only marginally better than before. But at least I can read my email.

If you ever decide to move to the country, you can pretty much forget about reliable internet service. Another reason to stay ahead of schedule, which I never manage, but thanks for the friendly reminder that I must learn to do so, O Internet Service Provider From Hell.

This is the only serious drawback to country living. There are rural areas of this great country of ours that actually have cable. But I live in a county where the population only grew 500 people in the last ten years.

We’re not getting Wal-mart, and we’re not getting cable, either.

The good news: after nearly two frustrating years, while sitting there this weekend staring at my immobile screen with all my tech info (forced to do so thanks to my slow internet speed,) I finally saw the tiny little bit of improper code that has left the galleries static since 2009. I spent almost an entire day trying to figure out what the hell the problem was since this is the fourth time we’ve updated the program without fixing the thing, and by golly, it’s now fixed. So, I guess there’s one good thing to come out of my crap internet service. It makes you slow down and ponder, that’s for sure.

This internet speed – sometimes slower than dial up – makes web surfing such an appalling experience, I hardly ever do it anymore.

Anyway, now that I can work with the galleries, I have loaded some new pieces and am sprucing up the place. Check it out.

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