It came in the mailbox

Miss Doran…I just googled my name just to see if anyone could ever find me and while I think you must be a super person and very talented, I gave up at page 26. There were many more pages but I’m pretty sure they would be filled with what’s on the last 26 pages. I’m actually speechless to find that there is abslalutly no room for any other persons with the same name on the face of the earth to be found on the first 26 pages …but you. You must have some serious web site agent who promotes you to where there is no room for any one else. By the way, my maiden name is EDIT…there is a Colleen EDIT who is a writer… and the same is with her. She has filled up numerous pages, just like you with everything about her to where there is not one mention of myself who shares the same name also. My facebook is under EDIT which helps people find me who know me only by my maiden name and only find me by my married name. But they will never find me on google. Have a good day.

Methinks someone doesn’t know how the internet works.

There’s some guy named Neil Gaiman in Peoria who curses the day Neil Gaiman wrote a comic book.

Thanks for the laughs, Colleen.

If you’re anything like that poor Colleen Doran who lives in Virginia Beach who used to get cards, letters, and phone calls meant for me, well, I bet she doesn’t like me much, either.