It would be more appropriate to post the nice portrait of D’mer I finished this week, but I don’t think anyone’s going to cry about a brief interlude with Kovar today.

These commissions are drawn by hand in limited edition copies of the books. If I paint one of your commissions for the website, I will send you a copy of the final color art as well as your book!

This piece was drawn especially for Theo Shlien, who is a very devoted reader, and I truly appreciate her support!

Kovar is tricky to draw, because even though he is a big stern manly man, he is, like all Ovanan, ageless. So he should never appear more than about 25 years old.

For a look at the quality if the final pencil work you will receive, please CLICK HERE. Each drawing takes hours, and is a very finished portrait.

You may reserve your book at 50% of the cover price. Delivery GUARANTEED within 60-90 days. 50% due on completion. PLEASE be sure to use the drop down menu to indicate WHICH volume you want to reserve. Each is $150. We have a few of all four available. As a special nod to our foreign readers, because the book weighs under 4 lbs, we ship ONE VOLUME for FREE. 2 or more $10 extra.


ADS hardcover with sketch