I am at the point on Gone to Amerikay where I want to gnaw off my own leg. Because no matter how hard I seem to work, I seem stuck. So close to the end. I know it’s all in my head, and I just have to work through this.

Ignore my art angst.

Go read some entertaining links instead.

About a week or so ago, I wrote this gentle, carefully considered defense of Alex Ross and his use of photo reference.

JESUS H Christ on a totem pole, HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO EXPLAIN WHAT PLAGIARISM MEANS? Did IQ’s drop precipitously when they invented the internet, or were all of these stupid people just out there hanging about unnoticed before they learned to type and display these wanton acts of idiocy?

No one CARES if you use your own photo reference. For God’s sake, you’re supposed to! Why do you think REAL illustrators pay thousands of bucks for models, photographers, and costumes?

After I finished a lovely cup of tea and a plate of little iced cakes, I went on to explain why artists must use reference.

Does anyone really think I have the total knowledge of world history, right down to ships an Irish immigrant would have sailed to Amerikay on in 1870, stored away in my little brain?

Hell, no, I spent more than two weeks just researching ships for this thing, and an extremely frustrating two weeks attempting (unsuccessfully) to build a digital model so I could be sure to have it perfectly drawn from every angle in every shot.

And then I told Sergio Aragones, and he said, “Why didn’t you just buy a model?”

And then I wanted to kill myself.

My self deprecation never fails to charm.

Over here, Kyle Baker goes one better by not only posting swipity swipe from the greats like Norman Rockwell
and Maxfield Parrish, but he comes out of the closet and posts his own swipe file secrets as well! The man’s a rock!


While we’re on the subject of swipe, hop on over to this most excellent blog Plagiarism Today, for an absolute MUST READ article on ‘5 Mistakes “Anti-Copyrights” Constantly Make’.

You know the canards. Or maybe you don’t, so you should go read this article, spread it around, hug it, make it a nice dinner of roast chicken and tuck it to bed under an Eiderdown quilt. Then buy it a puppy.

And I’d add one more Copy-wrongster mistake:

“You can’t stop piracy.”

Who said you could? In fact, laws haven’t stopped anti-social behavior since Hammurabi wrote his first code. Laws provide consequences for unacceptable behavior. I’ve yet to see a law stop a speeder from speeding, a shoplifter from shoplifting, or a pervert from pinching. And yet, for lo, these many years, these things go on.

Because laws don’t work. Right?

Arianna Huffington, whose unique take on labor and compensation has earned her the ire of thousands of unpaid bloggers after she sold her website for 315 million bucks, is the target of a lawsuit on behalf of said bloggers.

“The Huffington bloggers have essentially been turned into modern-day slaves on Arianna Huffington’s plantation,” Mr. Tasini said in a conference call with reporters. He vowed to picket Ms. Huffington’s house and turn her into an outcast in the liberal circles where she made her blog so prominent.

Behind the push: Joseph Tasini, of the landmark Tasini case.

The seven-justice majority opinion penned by Justice Ginsburg found that “[b]oth the print publishers and the electronic publishers … have infringed the copyrights of the freelance authors.” In the end, the court concluded “that the Electronic Publishers infringed the Authors’ copyrights by reproducing and distributing the Articles in a manner not authorized by the Authors and not privileged by sec. 201(c). We further conclude that the Print Publishers infringed the Authors’ copyrights by authorizing the Electronic Publishers to place the Articles in the Databases and by aiding the Electronic Publishers in that endeavor.”