Thank you so much to today’s sponsor Kristin Parsons!

The readership has spoken: you voted for cropped pages instead of full size pages. I will run the cropped pages for two weeks. Let me know what you think after that. If you decide to go back to full pages, that’s fine. Some pages can’t be cropped and I will run them as is, of course.

With this in mind, we are back to five days a week posting! Come back tomorrow.

Keep in mind this really doesn’t create much extra work for me. My only consideration here is how this affects your experience as a reader.

The graphic novel sale ends TODAY! Thank you to all who have placed orders! CLICK HERE for more info! Very low quantities on Volume IV and not sure when (or if) we can get more. That printing is sold out from the publisher, and we will not go back to press until this fall.

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