They do things a bit differently out here.

Most of the produce isn’t in yet, but here’s where we go to market. This farm has been in business for about 100 years.

At the little table there, you can sit and play checkers.

Local cheese, eggs, pies, and other baked goods, home made ice cream, and local butter. After you’ve had real, fresh butter, grocery stuff seems pretty grim.

Every Saturday, there’s music. Lots and lots of gospel music. You can pick your salsa while being serenaded straight to heaven. Frog jam, Scuppernog cider, moonshine jelly, blackberry salsa, dilly beans.

The piano is circa 1893.

In the sweet bye and bye, buy some of our delicious pickled beets!

Since many people out here still live in the old way, it was not hard to find reference for Gone to Amerikay. There are Mennonites and Amish, and others who prefer to live the frontier lifestyle. This farm still has many of its old tools on display. Some people still use these tools.

Out here, you get hugs and blessings when you go to the grocery. At the end of last season, the owner came rushing to us as we made to leave in our car to give us handfuls of jars of jams and jellies. Even at the Farm Fresh in town, the clerks hug the customers. Everyone is very friendly and neighborly. In all the years I’ve been out here, I can only recall a few times when I’ve had cause to have a cross word with anyone.

Once Peter David dropped in for a visit, and was surprised to see so many people smiling and waving as we drove by. He asked if they were all my friends. I didn’t really know any of them, it’s just that out here, everyone smiles and waves. A black gentleman gets dressed up almost every day, stands on the median, and waves at people. And we wave back. It’s amazing how nice it is to see that dude out there on the median. If he’s not there, we miss him.

If peace and quiet and hymns at the market aren’t your thing, this life isn’t for you. Of course, it’s not always hymns: sometimes it’s bluegrass…

Our entire county has only had a population increase of 500 people in the last decade. It is a very pleasant place to live, if you are self-motivated, and prefer the quiet life. Every day seems like a vacation, which can be quite enervating: it takes a lot of discipline to move forward in a place where time is frozen. But if it’s freedom, privacy, good neighbors and peace you are looking for, you can’t beat country living.

On rare occasions, the town rouses itself for a little excitement. Enjoy…