I have a load of A Distant Soil remarqued editions to ship out, and it looks like I miscalculated: I have one complete set of the hardcover limited remarqued editions left. I will not break up the set. UPDATE: SOLD

Here’s a sketch of Niniri.I’d like to touch this up a tad before I ship it out.

I’ve been experimenting with digital paintings of some of these sketches. For a look at some of the other works, CLICK HERE. If interested in the remaining remarqued edition set, please click the BOOK SHOP link for more info and inquire. SOLD.

Also, I’ve decided to make some of my sketch cards from various projects available for sale. Here is an Arwen card from the Lord of the Rings Masterpieces set. I’m not going to post everything until I am sure I will offer it for sale to discourage counterfeiting of the cards

Prices range from rock bottom $200 to $300. I have two Marvel masterpieces cards for sale now. A Storm and a Wolverine, 3/4 figure.

Yes, these are official cards, not ACEO, not aftermarket. UPDATE: Arwen is SOLD.