Foxes are smelly and eat the grapes. Yet they make me squee with glee every time I see them.

I went for an evening walk the other day and saw over a half dozen. They like to come out and play in the street. You can always tell you’re nearing a den because of the musky territory scent they leave everywhere they go. If you hang out in the smelly area, the foxes will eventually make a show. Saw one the other day near the edge of my garden with what looked like a crow in its jaws.

A few weeks ago, the little buggers went hunting for a mole under my thyme beds and dug up buckets of dirt. They also uprooted a newly planted azalea, neat as you please. Don’t know if they got the mole.

As irritating as they can be, I never tire of their antics.

Here’s a cute Youtube video of foxes on a trampoline.