Sorry about the light blogging, but I’m deep in work mode.

I’m trying to bring Gone to Amerikay home in the next 30 days, while revving up the other books I am scheduled to do. My brain hurts.

The gardens are also incredibly productive. There’s been so much rain we’ve been unable to do a lot of the yard work that must be done. I spent three hours yesterday squeezing it in.

A documentary film crew is coming in this week. So glad I am not going to San Diego, even though I will miss all my friends and a chance to thank my noble patrons face to face.

I fell behind on some of my shipments, but should have everything packed and out of here next week. With many humble apologies.

Also, I have a few choice items on ebay right now
. I haven’t auctioned anything for myself on ebay in years, but ebay does come in handy at times. Several choice pieces sold for Buy it Now prices, but there’s some great pages from a number of my projects up for auction right now.

And yeah, I watched the new Torchwood