Previous Wonder Woman concept sketches are HERE and HERE. And the story behind it all is HERE.

Some time ago, J Michael Straczynski approached me about developing a new look for Wonder Woman for a possible, more fantasy-oriented version of the comic series. Obviously, this did not happen. But JMS gave me permission to post the sketches. This was a pencil doodle that I whipped up in color in Photoshop. I’ll be making some of the sketches available for sale over the next few weeks and will post as they become available.

I’ve worked on Wonder Woman a number of times in the past and really enjoyed it. I was a big fan of the George Perez run in the 1980’s.

I don’t know if I’d have had time to do a WW project anyway, considering my schedule is kind of horrible for at least another six months, but you never know. Hope you enjoy the sketches.

Probably dumb posting these during San Diego Comic Con. Doubt if anyone will see them, LOL!


UPDATE: More sketches here.