Derek McCulloch will speak about our graphic novel Gone to Amerikay at San Diego Comic Con today, and that means you’ll get a chance to see some preview art I’ve not been able to show on the blog. Even though I’ve been working on this book for over two years, this is the official release announcement. I’ll be finished in the next few weeks.

CLICK HERE FOR ART PREVIEW: Cover and interior for your peepers!

Thursday, July 21

5:45-6:45 Vertigo Editorial
Moderator: Karen Berger/John Cunningham
They come from the cutting edge of comics… and Vertigo has never been edgier, with thought-provoking titles from some of comics’ most acclaimed creators. Don’t miss this panel featuring Bill Willingham (Fables) Scott Snyder (American Vampire), Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth), Michael Allred (iZombie), Mark Buckingham (Fables), Les Klinger (Annotated Sandman), Rebecca Guay (A Flight of Angels), Colleen Doran (Gone to Amerikay), and many others – this is your opportunity to learn more about the entire Vertigo line! Hosted by Vertigo Executive Editor Karen Berger. Room 6DE

I can’t believe how long it’s taken. I did Mangaman in roughly 1/4 the time it took to draw Gone to Amerikay. Speed doesn’t seem to have hurt the quality of Mangaman, since we’ve already gotten a YALSA nod for the book!

DC/Vertigo has been so kind and supportive throughout Gone to Amerikay. From research to drawing style, it’s been real labor. But Karen Berger, and Joan Hilty, and Sara Litt have been rocks all the way, and I’m so grateful for the beautiful story Derek McCulloch has written for me to draw.

Hunkered down to ink this book and almost nothing else for the coming weeks, except ship orders…

It’s exciting to have so many people ordering books and art from the site. Every single package is a symbol of your support.

I spent a full day this week finishing off my workshop cleanup, and now I have a tidy, efficient space for packing and shipping…for the first time, ever. It’s easy to get things wrapped up and out of here now. I’m off to the post today with ten fat packages! And I still have more than twenty to go!

I won’t get much gardening in this week, but my garden is doing very well, yielding lots of delicious veggies, and fat bouquets of flowers. It’s almost running itself at this point, and I don’t need to be out there more than an hour a day. In this heat, that’s a blessing.