For reasons I cannot fathom, some comics blogger did the most bizarre story about the graphic novel I am working on for Vertigo, written by Derek McCulloch. They not only got the title wrong – “Coming to Amerikay”, NO and everyone seems to get it wrong, what is it about our title? – but also got the entire plot wrong. Big time. I wonder if it’s one of those bizarre attempts to pick an internet fight or something, because it is so far off the mark. Just plain weird.

Gone to Amerikay is a story about Irish immigration. The cover was shown for the first time at San Diego Comic Con. And here it is.

Cover with copy from The Vertigo Blog, with many gorgeous previews of other upcoming titles. Annotated Sandman? Woot!

Beautiful colors by the incomparable Jose Villarubia.

Here’s a nice interior page.

Here’s what Derek posted on his FB page about the announcement at San Diego Comic Con:

I gave my summary of the book which, as I recall, was something like “It’s a story about people emigrating to America from Ireland over the course of 140 years. It’s a great big historical epic with a crime story and a ghost story and a couple of love stories and all kinds of things in it.” Then I said I hoped the marketing guy down at the end of the table would summarize phrase that more pithily sometime soon.

Derek tells me the panel was recorded. I’ll try to get a post up with the audio ASAP.

So thrilled we got some coverage, but man-o-man. They didn’t even come close to covering the book we’re actually working on.

I was over on my FB page earlier in the evening joshing about coverage of the book (“My Precious! My Precious! Everybody love My Precious!”) but that was before I saw just how wrong coverage could get. Sheesh. Be careful what you wish for! LOL!

PS: Is everyone else as happy as I am that Vertigo is announcing new projects?

UPDATE PART DEUX: Story goof corrected. VERY grateful. And ironically, now the book got more press than it would have had the erroneous story not been written.

Wait, was this a clever scheme to give our wonderful book great publicity?

My God, it’s GENIUS! (putting on brave face about it all.)

And my OTHER new GN is MANGAMAN! Check it out!