Some time ago, after J Michael Straczynski’s new version of Wonder Woman was first released, JMS asked me to do some concept sketches for a more fantasy-oriented version of the character. I know this will set the internet into a tizzy, but this was more rumination than reality. I was not asked to draw a series, just to do some concept sketches. It is very unlikely any of these sketches will be used for anything. So whether you like ’em or hate ’em, be aware that concept sketches are meant for brainstorming, and we do not censor our brainstorms. You put it on the paper, then you draw something else.

JMS gave me permission to post the sketches here. This lot of pencil sketches is now for sale on ebay.

A couple of the color doodles finished in Photoshop.

Since there is no original color art here, I will provide a copy of the color print out for the buyer of the pencil sketch. All three original pencil sketches are on one piece of acid free paper. Two color sketches will be on one piece of paper.

I have a number of other sketches I will post later.