More unpublished Wonder Woman concept art commissioned by J Michael Straczynski for a never-produced Wonder Woman project, now available on ebay.

For the whole story, and a look at other Wonder Woman art, CLICK HERE.

None of these sketches were particularly successful, and the one on the far right, I didn’t even submit.

I like to refer to sketch #3 as Sexpot Wonder Woman. JMS was not impressed.

Again, I did a batch of color doodles, super fast. These are digital color sketches, and you get one print out of these sketches with the winning bid for the pencil art.

Also for sale, this sketch of Tarzan, for a comic. Mark Wheatley was the editor who gave me this great opportunity. Alas, the series was canceled while in the middle of my debut, so none of my Tarzan art was ever published. I don’t recall doing much: less than ten pages.

I’ll keep the auctions going as long as they continue to be successful, but know that I have to take everything off sale in October, including book sales. I’ll be out of the country for a month and unable to process any orders.

Thanks for supporting my work.