I meant to post this ages ago. My brain is tapioca.

Click the Wonder Woman and Commissions tabs below to see this piece in progress. From months and months back. Sheesh.

I may be able to take two more commissions between now and October 15. All commissions (including the three sitting here for ages now,) will be out of here by November. Aren’t you happy? I’m happy.

Last few weeks on Gone to Amerikay. My head hurts. But I see you can now advance order it online. Naturally, I hope you will consider supporting your local bookstore.

And if you like my swell pictures, and want to get a nice something for yourself without waiting, my ebay shop is here. I have some nifty unpublished work form Captain America, Wonder Woman, and A Distant Soil in there. I will also add a few very fine, full color Marvel Masterpieces sketch cards in the coming weeks.