A lovely, unpublished SEREN sketch now available on ebay. Once again, my auctions will continue for a few more weeks. ALL my work, including all book sales end mid-October. I will be out of the country and cannot ship. If you want ANYTHING for Christmas, please don’t wait! I won’t be doing any US appearances for about 8 more months, either.

I think I’ll just stop drawing Seren and post pictures of Andrej Pejic in his place. The look alike, and it would save me a lot of effort.

BTW, some people don’t seem to know how to read a webcomic. All you have to do is push those buttons. FIRST means the first page of the series. PREVIOUS means the most recent page before this one. NEXT means the page after this one. Thanks for reading.


The Facebook fan page is here. When we reach 1500 members, we will have a drawing for a page of original art!