I check my blog stats every day to see what kind of articles people look for and who my readers are so I can improve the website and understand my patrons better. This information is deleted quickly (your privacy is respected here,) but I do get some interesting stats.

Especially this one.

One of my most popular blog posts is “Ten Things to Do With Those Pesky Green Tomatoes”. At the end of the growing season, everyone with a garden has lots of them, and no one seems to know what to do with them. I’m partial to fried green tomatoes and green tomato bread myself.

Anyway, I get huge traffic for this blog post with recipes, advice, and links to other websites. After a year, It’s still listed in the top five results on Google.

Today, I got this very special visitor (with IP and other private info deleted.)

Someone in the Executive Office needs my help in the garden. The White House garden? Could be.

Would be delighted to pop on up there and serve the President and Mrs. Obama a nice plate of fried green tomatoes, done up right with fresh rosemary.

And don’t forget to try the pickled green tomatoes. Very tasty.

Welcome to my website, Executive Office of the President USA. Hope I could help.

And in case you aren’t really interested in green tomatoes, you may go back to the home page and read my webcomic.