My art sale auctions continue! CLICK HERE TO BUY!

The last of my art will post on October 1. Then all of my direct art and books sales are suspended until further notice. Of course, you can still buy my books at stores and other online shops, but I’ll be out of the country and unable to handle mail order. If you want to buy any books or art for Christmas, now is the last chance to get them from me.

On sale now, a full page of Sandman and Death prelims for The Sandman 20th anniversary exhibit at Gallery Nucleus.

The final version of this piece was shown HERE.

One of the last two Star Wars Clone Wars Widescreen Artist Proof Sketch cards. These are getting very high prices. I am really glad people like them!

A page of practice doodles for an unpublished official Tarzan project for European publisher Semic. Circa about 1994.

An unpublished Fallen Angels II cover sketch for the unpublished KIA series by Marvel. Circa 1987.

A rarely seen splash page from the short story “Eugenie”, which I wrote and drew in the 1980′s, and reprinted in a later issue of A Distant Soil. One of my favorite pieces, as a straight on romance, this is not the sort of thing publishers usually go for, but if the prices I’ve been getting on the original art are any indication, the public likes it fine.

One of the frustrating things about being an illustrator is seeing your favorite art get lower prices because it is not connected to a major project from a big client. A beautiful page can go for chump change because it wasn’t drawn for The X-Men. When art from an obscure project like this gets a good price, it is very gratifying.

This go-round of auctions has been amazingly successful. I’d sworn off ebay some years ago, because not only do I not thrill to the terms, but my art prices were dropping and I had some serious problems with bidders.

Now my prices are significantly higher, and the collectors have been incredibly kind and supportive. This gives me confidence for financing more A Distant Soil next year, since most of my time will be eaten up by the end of the series. I have great confidence that I can finance the end without resorting to extreme fundraising. If I do have to go Kickstarter, I don’t think I’m going to need a big financial boost.

There are many more unseen pieces in my files I know people will want. But everything goes back off the market in a couple of weeks, so get what you can while you can!

Thank you for all your support!

When this round finishes, I think I will also be finished with Gone to Amerikay, and can start winding up my commissions list, as well as getting into serious work on my new GN for Dark Horse. Spent the last month doing layouts and taking reference photos!

Now, go read my A Distant Soil webcomic. It’s online and advertiser supported, so you don’t have to fork over the dough to feast your eyes. Isn’t that nice?