Here’s another gig that was killed in action: a Betty and Veronica project to be drawn by me in my own style for Archie Comics.

This gig was kind of a mess on a number of levels. In the months it took to get the contract from Archie, I finally had to stop waiting, and agreed to take on a project with Peter David for IDW. Then the Archie contract finally showed up, and I honored my verbal commitment to Archie and left IDW. I removed several clauses from the Archie contract, stuck it in the mail, and went to work. Some time later, Archie decided not to go forward with the project with the offending clauses removed. So I went back to IDW, but they had already reassigned the Peter David gig to someone else.


I was really looking forward to this Betty and Veronica project, even though it meant a drastic cut in pay. I can either take a bad contract or lousy pay, but not both. One wonders what’s in Michael Uslan’s contracts…

Anyway, here’s a couple of my character sketches for Betty and Veronica. I never turned these in, so no idea what Archie editors would have thought. I did several sketches for each main character. Archie turned out really hot, but I can’t find him in my files. I will dig him out eventually.

I dunno if this is right for Veronica, but I sure like the image on the left for a classic Lois Lane look – a little too Bettie Page, but with a tweak to the face, she’s the Max Fleischer animated Lois. If that hair is good enough for Katy Perry, it’s good enough for Lois. Love the brunette fringe.

I’ve been working on a proposal for Lois Lane mini idea I want to show DC Comics. I see Lois as a super-smart, Kathryn Hepburn/Rosalind Russell type. At a serious newspaper, instead of a yukky on air correspondent.

Anyway, back to Betty.

Outdoorsy and tomboyish. I really like Betty.

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I’ll be adding more Star Wars, Sandman, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Masterpieces, Legion and other goodies later in the week.

All my web sales shut down shortly, with my last ebays posting on October 1. Then everything I have goes back in the vault until later next year. Sorry, too busy to keep this up. Shipped over 100 packages already, and quite exhausted. And will be out of the country, so there it is.