I’ve had several complaints about an intrusive Ipad ad of some kind. Please contact me immediately if you see ANY details you can share with me about this ad.

UPDATE A very kind reader on our FB page brought this to my attention: the same intrusive ad is being served at Evil Inc.

Please note that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES did I approve of any ad of this sort on my site. We do not make much money on these ads anyway, and if I cannot get my ad company to clean up this mess, I will cancel my account with them. While I appreciate the extra money, I can’t allow this on my site. Please help me by noting any info about the ad as soon as you see it. The Evil Inc link has details of what we need to supply to our ad client. Thank you SO MUCH to Angie Penrose for bringing this to my attention.

My finals sales end on OCTOBER 10. No more sales until at least March 2012. I will also shut down my bookshop.



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