With the kind permission of Warren Ellis, I posted a number of concept art pieces I did for a KIA animated series written by Warren entitled “Distance”. That was years ago on my old blog, which no one ever read (it’s down now). So few saw it. Now there are thousands more of you, and I’m reposting this for your edification.

“Distance” was commissioned by fledgling internet comics/animation entrepreneurs Pipe Studios, doing the internet stuff way before their time. And not making much money at it, so almost everything got shut down. One of their fledgling projects was ArtBomb, a webcomics site which published my first web story, also by Warren Ellis, entitled “Super Idol”. This was eleven years ago. Holy cow.

Anyway, “Distance” got optioned by Sony (I think,) but it all died on the vine in 2001. I spent about six months doing designs for it. Here are some of the sketches. I will post more later.

This science fiction tale, the exact nature of which I cannot remember, had a lead based more or less on actor George Takei. His name was Jack Ho.

We did an awful lot of running about to nail the look of this fellow.

With varying degrees of success.

Since the animation was going to be fairly primitive, I had to whittle Ho’s face down to fit the limits of the technique.

While we started referencing George Takei as a model, we later abandoned the idea, not sure if we could get a license from the actor.

Quite a bit of fiddling around going on, eh? In the end, I started tweaking Jack Ho more along the lines of actor Sanada Hiroyuki.

Final turnarounds.

There’s lots more to see of the “Distance” concept art, so tune in again later this week.