Once again, thanks to Warren Ellis for allowing me to put these concept sketches from our project “Distance” on the internet. Scroll down to the previous post for more details and drawings. These are circa 2000-2001.

A major problem on this project was my complete lack of digital skills. I did not even know how to use the Paint Bucket tool in Photoshop, nor how to properly scan and deliver my original art. Comedies of errors.

Some more costume designs for Jack Ho.

Really, I could do this all day:

Alien costume designs. I loved doing these. These aliens were from a world covered with fine silver sands and the idea was that they would wear a variety of veiled garments. These sketches show how the veils might be raised, lowered, and used as architectural elements for the costume.

More aliens. Quite like the first garment.

Jack had to wear a veil, too. The funky item in the lower left is an alien kettle.

Marker color guides for an animated shot of Jack. This scene from “Distance” is the only time I’ve animated anything. The staff had no luck capturing the look of my art, so I was asked to come in and give it a go myself. Here are a few frames.

The inked cel.

Penciled cel set up sketch.

Inked final.

Color sketch.

Color sketches of background elements.

City designs.

Spaceship doodles.

More later.


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