Had a hiatus from comics a few years back and spent most of my time doing illustration, television, and film concept art.

While I can’t show and tell all, I can share a few of these pieces with you.

The producers have had this on the website for some time now. This project is backed by the folks who brought you Baywatch. Also on the job: show creator, actor William Katt and young adult novelist R.L. Stine. Actors have been hired to do some pre-production costume tests, but I don’t really know how much progress has been made.

This was only the second job on which I did digital art (circa 2009). It was quite a challenge learning the ropes on deadline.

Quite liked this fellow, but don’t think he made the final cut. Prelim sketch.

Teen leads. Quite like the girl. Purple is a passive color, but I don’t think it looks passive on her camo pants.

Prelim attempts.

Must have gone through 100 hero costume designs, and settled on these. They were later cut.

Fun robot design. Cutting room floor victim. Sad.

Alien design, unused.

I’ve seen 3-D animation of this. Very cool.

Though way too Disney-esque for the job, it was fun to do these doggy doodles.

Below, a villainess who didn’t make the grade.

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