Wow, I only have a few of these left to do. This is very exciting. I’ve been behind schedule on these character portraits since sometime in 1997.

I usually wait awhile between finishing a portrait and mailing it, because I like to have a look at it with fresh eyes. This D’mer, finished around Christmas, got extensive revisions. (EDIT: and after I posted this, it got even more revisions. STOP ME BEFORE I PICK UP THE ERASER AGAIN!) I’ve also rescanned them. These scans are truer to the originals. Previous scans had the contrast set too high.

Bast is starting to look more and more like Kim Kardashian. It is making me nervous.

This completes the order for all four volumes of the A Distant Soil graphic novel limited editions for Theo, who has been waiting patiently! Thanks, Theo!

Speaking of making revisions to commissions, I posted this Jessica a few days ago, and it bugged me. So I redrew her jawline and gave her a nose job.

I still have copies of the limited, signed and numbered remarqued editions of A Distant Soil volumes II and III available. I can take advance orders for 4 copies to be completed and delivered (US guarantee of delivery only, can’t be responsible for foreign customs) no later than March 30.

Each book is one of our hard to find hardcover limited editions, long sold out, individually signed and numbered by me, with a hand drawn character portrait of the quality you see here. This is SUHWEET. Prices include shipping worldwide.

ADS hardcover with sketch