Another private commission. Only four major ones left. All others are smaller pieces.

This Red Sonja piece was fun to do. This type of pencil work is laborious, and costs a lot more than pen and ink. I know some people think an inked drawing is superior because that’s the comic art standard, but a pencil drawing can be a lot more difficult and, to me, satisfying.

In this picture, a strong wind blows up Red Sonja’s chain mail bikini, which remains steadfast. Said wind manages to send her hair pointing straight to the moon.

Actually, I was trying for the bending over and then completely flipping the hair back look. Which is exactly what Red Sonja would do in the middle of a battlefield. Heck, she wears that costume, don’t she?

There are a few things I want to touch up, but on this paper, mistakes show, so changes are difficult. Probably would have gone easier if I’d had a model, but I honestly don’t know where I’m going to find a girl like that. They don’t call it fantasy art for nothin’.

I have a very unusual Batman commission, and two Sandman commissions to polish off. All are in various stages of completion. Then one major portrait painting for a corporate client. That will finish off my private commissions. I don’t know if I will take any more for awhile. It’s going to depend on some news I have coming in the next week or so.

I have a stack of remarqued edition graphic novels to ship out, and as soon as I’ve scanned the art, I will post it for you!

Come back soon.


My policy on commissions.