The scary news this week is that Marvel received a judgment against a creator for doing convention sketches and selling prints (CORRECTION: selling prints of sketches by other artists. Hm.). It’s unlikely Marvel would have sued for damages had the creator not sued (and lost) in the first place. However, I’ve been saying for awhile now that if you don’t poke the tiger, it won’t poke back. And now that the tiger is owned by Disney, the tiger will not only poke back, it will beat you with a clue stick.

Donations are now being accepted to help out Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich.

I was told specifically by more than one Marvel editor that doing conventions sketches is OK by Marvel (they are not so keen on prints, which I’ve never done).

Regardless, even if Marvel did reverse their policy and go after convention sketches, it wouldn’t hurt me at all. I do only about one Marvel commission a year.

I wonder when more publishers are going to get around to making certain artists officially licensed to do sketch commissions and prints. The way Lucasfilm does.

For the record, the restrictive covenants about sketches, attribution, etc, is a major reason why I walked from an Archie comics agreement some years ago.

Most people want my own work anyway. Isn’t that dandy?

Have a look at some more.

A nice portrait of Sere. Isn’t she pretty?

I really like the shading on this portrait of Bast.

No one ever asks for Corrine, so when one buyer gave me free reign to draw any character I wanted in the remarqued editions of his books, I gave her a go.

I have some more commissions to post soon, so come back little buckaroos.

AND FYI: GREAT review for Mangaman at the AMAZON.Com blog Omnivoracious! Wahoo!

It’s a love story within a comic book within a graphic novel, and Mangaman’s heart is as big as its hyperbolic hero’s eyes—a Valentine’s Day gift for the romantic who’s well-versed in any form of the comic medium.