A Facebook friend alerted me to this amusing takedown of an Ernie Bushmiller forgery that is so wonderfully bad I thought it was the work of some kid and the entire article was a snark fest.

What’s not so funny, is that an earlier post on the same Sparklepony blog links to a series of ebay auctions by the same gallery offering the Bushmiller piece for sale. Almost every piece looks, to my eyes, to be a big fat fake.

One of those pieces is being sold as a Shelly Moldoff original Batman, and currently has 4 bids, going for $270. Some look real: an Archie story for instance. But most of the sketches? No way.

Caveat emptor.

More than a year ago, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette nailed the very same Gallery on Baum to the wall for it’s dicey sales of comic art originals.

His critics include Jean Schulz, widow of “Peanuts” creator Charles M. Schulz; Lucy Caswell, curator of The Museum of Cartoon Art at Ohio State University; Tom Sokolowski, director of The Andy Warhol Museum on the North Side; and Joe Wos, cartoonist and founder-director of the ToonSeum of Pittsburgh.

Mrs. Schulz, who became the cartoonist’s second wife in 1973 and lives in northern California, doubts Mr. Greco’s claims of personal friendship with her late husband. She says she never met Mr. Greco — he says she did — or heard his name from her husband. Mr. Greco says the friendship predates that marriage.

Furthermore, Mrs. Schulz says she has seen no record of any correspondence between the two.

The forgeries are godawful. Even worse than Granito. Here’s Gallery on Baum’s Bill Watterson:

And while we realize Bob Kane used a lot of assistants, they all drew better than this:

I have personally been in the archives of the Library of Congress, deep below ground in those massive vaults, and have held in my dainty hands original art by Thomas Nast. This is not art by Thomas Nast.

For giggles and comparisons, have a look at the work of the incomparable Thomas Nast.

But why stop at comics? This dude…he’s got moxy. Here’s his “Picasso”.

The collection also includes a very badly drawn cow attributed to Remington. I believe I also saw a Rembrandt fake, but by that time I was crying too hard to go on.

I’m thinking this Granito needs to go down. Because even though he got outed in beautiful downtown Pittsburgh a year-and-a-half ago, he’s still at it. And making some sweet sweet bucks with innocent fans and collectors as his victims.

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Now I have to go wash out my soul.