In the some things never change department, as God is my witness, a NO IRISH NEED APPLY advert. Wow. Just in time for St Pat’s Day.

Years ago, I complained about stuff like this and someone called me a liar. The Irish never knew discrimination!

Ho. Ho.

A four page preview of my new graphic novel Gone to Amerikay with writer Derek McCulloch. colored by Jose Villarubia is now online at Publishers Weekly.

We’re having a book launch party in New York City to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
Naturally, there will be many cartoonists in attendance, because the food is free even though the alcohol isn’t. Books for sale, with a percentage of proceeds going to benefit the CBLDF are provided by Midtown Comics. Admission is also free, but the CBLDF appreciates your donations. Expect at least 100 people. The Facebook event page is here, and if you are on FB and plan to attend, help the organizers out by clicking the attend button. Lots of people are writing me directly and that doesn’t help the planners figure out how much food to make. The location is the swank Harbor Lights restaurant. March 30, 6 PM.

Irish Echo magazine features a cover by yours truly, and here is the black and white prelim.

You can see the final color work HERE.

UPDATE! Final cover with masthead HERE.

Be sure to let your comic shop know to reserve Gone to Amerikay for you, and thank you all for your support. All my work depends on YOU! And with your kind patronage, there will be lots more of it.

Thank you!