Gone to Amerikay, the graphic novel written by Derek McCulloch and illustrated by me, with lovely colors by Jose Villarubia, goes on sale today.

From Publisher’s Weekly:

Written by Derek McCulloch and illustrated by Colleen Doran, Gone to Amerikay is a story of Irish emigres in America which spans a century. It focuses on three characters: a penniless single mother living in New York City’s Five Points Slum in 1870, a young artist drawn to Greenwich Village’s counterculture in 1960, and an Irish billionaire, who in 2010 seeks the music that inspired him as a child. Gone to Amerikay will be released by Vertigo in comic stores on March 28th and everywhere on April 3.

Yesterday, writer Michael Rapoport wrote a handsome feature on the book for The Wall Street Journal.

It’s a sweeping, detailed, beautifully drawn story of love, betrayal and survival, with a small but crucial touch of the supernatural. It’s deliberately paced and slow to build, but the payoff, as the three stories converge, is worth it.

Comics Bulletin gave us some raves:

All throughout the book, characters make decisions based on optimism, ambition and pride. And all throughout the book, circumstances change, realty and seeming unreality intrude, and the much more interesting struggle begins: the real hard work of building up your successes in America.

Colleen Doran’s art is magnificent and often breathtaking in Amerikay. She has a glorious eye for detail that seems borne out in everything from the shoes that the immigrant men wear to the vast cityscapes that she draws. There are several cityscape views that are absolutely breathtaking. Despite that eye for detail, Doran is also terrific at drawing the characters in the book. Even secondary characters seem full of life and energy, occasionally threatening to jump off the page.

Well, dang.

On Friday, a book launch party for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Open to the public, books will be on sale to benefit the fund, and there will be free food and a cash bar, courtesy of JP Delaney.

The book was inspired by this song by The Pogues. Guitarist and singer Philip Chevron was kind enough to read the book in advance and say some terribly lovely things about it.

We’ve done our best. That’s all we can do.

I hope you like our book. And enjoy the beautiful music.

Thanks, everybody.