Snapped this pic in NYC while researching yet another new book.

I’m back, and had an absolutely wonderful, productive week. The Gone to Amerikay book launch was dreamy, the perfect party. About 100 people showed, and we had a lovely time courtesy JP Delaney and Harbour Lights. I will post pics soon.

Derek McCulloch wrote a terrific essay about the music of Gone to Amerikay. This is a wonderful piece. I hope you’ll take the time to give it a read.

I also gave a short interview to Comics Bulletin.

Screen shot of an article about Gone to Amerikay in The Sunday Times Dublin. Big pic of Wonder Woman, but the article is about Amerikay.

Quite nice, with some very flattering quotes. It’s also online at the Sunday Times website, but you must be a resident of the UK to subscribe to read it.

Very tired, must get back to work. I lost about a month of work this year already, and now that the coffers are full, I can just sit down and get my jobs done. The first three months flew, and I didn’t draw much. But I’ve cleared the distractions. Really is quite nice to be able to concentrate on books and not have to worry about anything else for awhile.

Still a few commissions to finish, and I will post as I get them completed. More books shipping this week, too.

The Book Store remains open, but I am not taking any new commissions at this time. I have a few more books I will add to the shop, soon.

Must read essay: “Why I hate the myth of the suffering artist”.

The myth of the suffering artist is part of the wider myth that sinking into abjection will somehow cleanse and elevate the poor and/or unconventional, eventually leading them on to glory. Those who are not led on to glory will be unworthy and deserve to fail. Economic Darwinism will crush them as they should be crushed.

Thank you!