We have some very lovely and interesting fan art coming in! With the permission of the artists, I’ve posted it here for you.

I’ve always thought fanart and fanfic were the highest form of fandom compliments, and these pieces are truly delightful. Thanks for sharing them!

First, this lovely portrait of Liana by Abbigail Ward, whose Deviantart page is here.

Another piece, this time a color work over one of my drawings of Galahad by Christy Buncic. Very nice!

And here is an elaborate drawing of Seren in Elizabethan garb by Allen AKA IXIDragonLordIXI. Allen is working on some gorgeous dolls and sets and promises to have photos to show everyone soon!

Thank you so much for doing me the honor of making these beautiful things that show how much you enjoy A Distant Soil!

If you would like to have your fan art displayed here or added to our permanent website gallery, please use the contact form above and drop me a note. I am sure everyone would be delighted to see your drawings, costumes, and sculptures! I know I love seeing them!