The original painting by Jozef Szekeres.

And the plagiarized copy is here on DeviantArt.

A second piece, also plagiarized from the work of cartoonist Jozef Szekeres is here, cribbed once again by GodAbel on DeviantArt, who responds to accusations of plagiarism with cavalier disregard and laughing emoticons. Notice how Josef’s signature has been carefully removed in the first copy, but in the second, it’s there in the lower right corner.

Repeated requests by the real artist for removal of the piece over the last two days have been ignored.

Tributes and studies are one thing. Posting work like this without any credit to the original artist is another entirely. Especially when DeviantArt has a feature which allows people to buy prints of the stolen art.

Don’t do this.

If you would like to support the actual creators of these mermaid works, check out the comics and art available at Black Mermaid Productions.

How ethical artists use reference.

UPDATE: The art has finally been removed. But not before some ugly email exchanges with Jozef Szekeres where GodAbel accused the real artist of being a big old arrogant meanie.

Let us ponder the arrogance of an art thief whose name starts with GOD.