The Gone to Amerikay book launch party, courtesy of businessman and lawyer JP Delaney of Rosie O’Grady’s, O’Dwyer and Bernstein, and the Harbour Lights Restaurant, was held at Harbour Lights on the last weekend of March.

Harbor Lights on the 17th Street Pier has fantastic food
and a fracking amazing view. We could not have asked for a better venue, and Derek McCulloch, Karen Berger, Joan Hilty, Joe Hughes, Jose Villarubia, Jared Fletcher and I are all so very grateful for the incredible hospitality of Mr Delaney and the staff of Harbour Lights! If you are ever in New York City, you should definitely try it. Beautiful, romantic view! YUMMY food!

Here’s fantasy author Ellen Kushner checking out the gorgeous evening lights!

About 100 people showed up for the benefit of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund with the kind support of Midtown Comics.

Check out the CBLDF link for more photos by our editor Joan Hilty.

Here at Midtown Comics, you can get one of the few remaining copies from the launch party signed by Derek and me, with sales going to benefit the CBLDF. Thank you, Midtown Comics!

Photographer Paul Flannelly has a large selection of photos from the event here.

Had the most fascinating talk with Mr Flannelly about his dad, the man responsible for the Irish Hunger Memorial, which you can visit about a half mile walk along the shore from Harbour Lights. The memorial appears briefly in Gone to Amerikay. I took reference photos of it years ago, hoping to use them in the book.

The memorial is built of Irish rock, earth, and plants, with the remains of a stone cottage flanking the end of an underground walkway with quotes on the walls and the voices of the Irish people echoing through the chamber. The simple memorial is a beautiful and haunting piece of history in the middle of bustling New York City. Mr Flannelly told me a fund is reserved to keep native Irish plants growing in greenhouse safety in case the ones planted at the memorial do not survive the harsh New York winters.

Irish Echo
featured the event in their paper
, which has a circulation of about 100,000. Thanks so much to Mairtin O Muilleoir and all the good people of Irish Echo for the kind support! We were delighted to see so many people from the Irish American business community come out in support of Amerikay!

I was delighted to meet all these exciting people, including lovely ladies from Heritage Bar and Restaurant, and Eileen’s Country Kitchen. Thanks also to Gahl Buslov of Midtown Comics!

I did the cover for the St Patrick’s Day edition of Irish Echo, and I was overwhelmed when Mr O Muilleoir told me a copy of the framed cover was presented by Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness of Northern Ireland to President Obama. Alas, I do not have a photo of this event, but am honored and grateful. Here’s a copy of the cover art.

Thanks to our many colleagues and the wonderful fans who showed to enjoy the party and lend support!

Look at these handsome dudes! John Cassaday, Jose Villarubia and Stuart Moore.

Nice crowd!

With my Mangaman collaborator Barry Lyga, whose new book I Hunt Killers is a must read. And he’s already got a TV deal, so he’s buying next time.

Laughing men folk.

Abby Denson and Ellen Kushner in foreground.

Quite a crowd of interesting people in this shot, including JP Delaney, Stuart Moore, TV Producer Matt Koed, a Broadway producer whose name escapes me at the moment (and don’t I feel like a kooz because DAYum was he fascinating to talk to,) Derek McCulloch, my literary agent Kathleen Anderson, Joan Hilty, and Paul Levitz.

In the far left of this shot, Wall Street Journal journalist Michael Rappaport. In the foreground, major huggies for my lovely art agent Spencer Beck. We have been working together for 23 years!

Mom and Dad held court all night long at a corner table. In this shot, with Derek McCulloch and Joe Hughes.

This photo is by Joan Hilty, and I am cribbing it, because dang, it’s me and John Cassaday.

The hand drawn original art is on the wall behind us. I’ve received a number of requests to purchase the art, but all is already sold. Yes, all of it.

The party lasted about an hour longer than scheduled. Just the loveliest evening. Everything you could hope for for a book launch event.

Also in attendance but not pictured here, Delia Sherman, one of my favorite writers and spouse of Ellen Kushner. The lovely and lively Kim Cox, partner of Frank Miller, and kind and sweet Elayne and Robin Riggs.

I can’t thank you all enough for a wonderful, memorable evening of good friends, great food, and lively conversation.

Thank you for helping us launch Gone to Amerikay.