The Tunisian TV station which aired Persepolis, the film based on the graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, has been found guilty of violating morals charges.

Lawyers for the Islamist groups that argued against Karoui’s right to air the movie, in which a little Iranian girl fantasizes that she is arguing with God, welcomed the verdict as a sign that Tunisia will retain its long-standing laws that restrict speech that some devout Muslims consider offensive.

The Avengers movie is a huge-mega-blockbuster-monster-OMG-look-at-that-hit.

My sources say it’s looking Avengers Box Office Predictionsat a record $68+M grosses for Saturday after making $80.5M Friday (including $18.7M midnights) from 4,349 U.S. and Canadian locations, including 3,364 plays in 3D. It’s still on track to shatter the domestic weekend opening record with $185+M. (Warner Bros’ 3D Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 finale used to hold that record with $169M.) Even $200M seems possible.

It would be super-keen if folks who went to see The Avengers would take a moment and remember all the great creators of years past who do not get benefits or royalties or a piece of the action on this sort of thing, and donate the cost of one movie ticket to The Hero Initiative.

The Hero Initiative provides financial aid to creators with at least ten years experience who have labored under work for hire contracts without benefits. These people brought you a lot of entertainment, so help them out by remembering them, and spread the word to your Avengers-loving friends!

This really doesn’t have anything to do with comics, except I’m one of those people who gabbed a lot on the phone while I worked, then sort of gave it up for social media. Then I realized how much time and effort it too to chat on Facebook. So, now I am back to talking on the phone while I work.

“This generation doesn’t make phone calls, because everyone is in constant, lightweight contact in so many other ways: texting, chatting, and social network messaging.” And the online news network True/Slant declared a paradox: “We’re well on our way to becoming an incredibly disconnected connected society.”

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