My work output has not been what it should be for some time.

Some of this is due to illness, but the rest is the great freelancer disease that keeps us from working the way we should.

I have been eliminating lots of distressing things lately. People, and things. I’ve retired from my, er, active creator rights activism. No more trips to Washington DC for me. I can’t stand the pressure, the responsibility, or the financial strain. (You guys realize most lobbyists aren’t making money at this, right?)

I’m sorry I won’t be doing any more aid for people who need help with their publisher, or a contract vetted, or anything else of that sort for the foreseeable future. I need to take care of writing and drawing the books my readers are waiting for. I look at all the time I spent on this other stuff, and think of how far along I could be with my work right now, and I want to cry. I feel like I’ve been throwing rocks at the moon. Maybe I’ve done a little bit of good, but it’s not good for me.

What is good for me now is creating my books.

Thanks for understanding.