A few weeks ago, I posted this about the fox family that has moved into a culvert running next to my garden. I was unable to get decent photos of them.

My family loves me more than I deserve. They bought me an early birthday present: a nice new camera. Now I can bring you many lovely pictures of baby foxes!

There are four kits and two adults. They are adorable and messy, and I am sure there will be many happy tails to tell, even as they make a complete hash of my garden and leave disgusting dead things about for me to find.

The entire family made a Prime Directive Pact of noninterference with regard to our foxy neighbors. This pact lasted about a week. My parents came for a visit, and the next thing I know, they are tossing the foxes prime rib.

My garden is their playground. Everything in it is a chew toy. Here they took off with a flat of cucumber seedlings and dumped them in the driveway.

I wondered why my watering can was leaking. I turned it around, and it is completely covered with bite marks, as you see.

Today I went to the store and bought chew toys and rawhide bones in hopes the teething kits will take to something tastier and more desirable than every item in my garden.

I cannot get angry at my beautiful neighbors. They are just too cute.

You don’t need to be a mother to love this face.

They have very little fear, and I can be among them for an hour or more, at distances of as close as ten feet. They can be a tad nervous, but if I am careful, I can get as many shots of them as I want. I talk to them and they get so comfortable, they go about their kit hunting business.

Then there is a bout of delicious scratching.

Lazing about in a patch of sun.

I am just such a handsome creature, you cannot resist my charms.

Even when I drop the remains of the rabbit I just ate in your driveway. Nothing left but the fuzzy ass!

I am irresistible. I am a total fox.