I didn’t intend to run this piece today, but it turns out I’d saved the wrong version of today’s installment, and I need to go dig it out and rescan. I also ran the wrong version of yesterday’s installment! Sorry!

OK, there is good news. First off, hot pick of D’mer. Second, starting Friday, several weeks of unpublished A Distant Soil art.

I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the way I drew the upcoming scene in the comics. I can take it when I’ve just made a misstep. The way the upcoming scene was drawn was not a misstep, but slacking. Even while working on it, I was muttering to myself, “This doesn’t work. I can’t turn this in.” It’s the only time on the entire series I felt I didn’t live up to my promise to my readers to always do my best. If I did my best and fell short, I can live with that. I can’t live with knowing I didn’t do my best.

So, I have reworked several pages in the next scene. All new material for faithful web readers! The story will not change from the books, but the pacing and drawings are completely redone.

When I have the opportunity to do another edition of the graphic novels, I will add these pages as I’d intended to save them for then. But what the heck. For anyone who doesn’t get the new edition, the pages will be here.