First part of the redone section of this sequence. Never before published.

A few technical notes: The story here is not changed. Not one word. The art is. I will have added nearly eight pages to this sequence when complete. The visuals in the original made a storytelling mess. Crammed and rushed. Can’t live with it.

If you have the graphic novel or comic, you have the complete tale, but if I get to do a new edition of Volume IV anytime soon, this segment will be added. For anyone who doesn’t want to get another edition of the GN, it’s on the website.

Some tones are missing from this because before the upload, I was unable to find the original sheets, which we haven’t touched in 6 years! The art will be scanned with and without tones, on the off chance that somehow, someday, we get to do a color edition.

The tone here was added digitally, which makes me weep. So much easier than the hand applied sheets. However, in keeping with my promise to my readers, the entire series will be created by hand, including the lettering, to the very last page.

If I delete and reload this installment and the last (which was uploaded improperly,) the comments will be wiped out. So, they will stay here as is.

It is amazing how your work looks after you haven’t seen it in years. And for most of my series, even when it makes me wince a tad, I am satisfied with what I have done. Not this sequence.

Now, I go to right my wrongs and make my ancestors proud. I drink mead, like Thor.